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Healing – Answered Prayer

She is out of surgery. Long story short Baylee has a phenomenon  that is in only 1 percent where she takes longer but  she heals at 100 percent.

That is why her swelling/ROM would not go away and he suspected it is what she had bc he has seen it 1 other time. He had another surgeon come into observe and sure enough it’s what he thought. He scoped, fixed her meniscus and cleaned up all the mess and then did a procedure where he poked holes in her femur and her hamstring and quad to release stem cells to attempt to completely repair her ACL.

He said its 50/50 if it will heal to 100% strength to play college soccer, but he says if he was a betting man he says he believes it will and said keep praying it’s working. We have prayed for this and call it a miracle! Still 6 month rehab and recovery. She is a miracle and they are in amazement. Of course, we are so moved and humbled by Gods grace shown in giving Baylee  this miracle.

Love ya, Gina Lyn