Encounter of the God Kind

Have you had a first encounter of the God kind?

I felt that way the other day from a complete stranger that I meet while getting my car oil changed, of all the places for God to show up and speak. After a lengthy back and forth of question and answer from this lady who was dressed for walking and was looking for a ride home I learned a few things about her and myself. She had been walking out “ministering” she said when the rains came and into the auto shop she came to wait for the rains to cease or to strike up a conversation with people she encountered during her walks. She said she worked several jobs cleaning, housekeeping, pet sitting, working with children, cooking but she said it was for her ministry and she did not get paid for these.

Not paid, how odd I thought, what’s with that I silently pondered. Was she homeless, ah she’s looking for money from me, I see what’s happening as I prepared for the question for cash. Who is this lady and what is she really doing here and asking me all these questions about myself, family and what church I attend. Why did she ask what church I attend and not “do I go to church”, that seemed odd as I had not talked ‘Church’ at all. Was I a computer person she asked, “why yes” I replied and I again thought what gave that away, my cell phone, nah, how unusual and close to home. She mentioned a little old Spirit filled Christian lady that could run circles around people, she pondered as to recall her name to me. The woman she was talking about it was at Christ for the Nations. I looked up from my uneasy magazine page flipping as I sat waiting for my car to be finished and said “I graduated from there you know”. Without a blink she pressed on to ask about my family, where my wife worked. My mind was stuck on why that topic had came up, of all the places, it’s 40 miles from here.

My car was finally ready to go and I asked her where she was needing to go. A friend’s house she replied so we got into the car and off we went, where to I was unsure of but I was committed at this point to give her a ride home. She was very appreciative, thanked me often and within a short few minutes we had arrived at a home where she said she was staying. The entire time I pondered her words, her ministry that she spoke of so passionately and how I had encountered it on a wet rainy afternoon at an autoshop. As I parked out front of her friends house she said she wanted to pray for me and I was to pray for her. Without hesitation this was her plan, her ministry, the Christian walk she was one with me, no messing around, she had done this before. I was not shocked or surprised of her plan but, we had not exchanged names at this point so I asked “what is your name”. “Lady” she replied. “I like to think of myself as a Lady of the Lord”. OK, I thought that’s unusual but hey, she’s comfortable with it so I told her my name and she began to pray for me, my family, my marriage, my kids all with the sincerity and love that I would expect from someone walking with the Lord. As I listened, I was still surprised at how all this encounter had occurred and I wanted to pray for her when she finished and give something back that the Lord would speak into her life. We finished praying together, nothing weird or freaky just a blessing of words of wisdom, righteousness and an encounter with God from “Lady” a woman walking in her called ministry of meeting people where there’re at and sharing a first encounter of the God Kind.

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