Movie review: Holy Ghost Reborn

Holy Ghost Reborn is a great upcoming movie  following on the first movie Holy Ghost with  rock stars not known for their faith talking about the Holy Spirit. 

That movie showed God moving in ways and through people (and styles) that defied “normal” Christianity. How could someone be in a band as profane as Korn and profess to be a Christian?

It was a call to be challenged, and some people did not like the idea of being challenged in that particular way.

Holy Ghost Reborn is in some respects the mirror opposite of Holy Ghost. For one it answers a lot of the questions raised by the first film (Where’s Jesus in all this? Why are they praying twice for healing?).

And while there are many parts in Reborn that will stretch your faith and your theology a bit (how about Jesus saving someone who never asked or even agreed to be saved?), for the most part you are going to see God going to the deep places of people’s hearts to love them, heal them and save them.


This movie doesn’t come out officially until October but I Kevin Hartman was fortunate enough to be able to see an early preview of this movie.

Shout out to my friends at Cross Timbers church in Argyle Texas.

If you’re hungry for the Holy Ghost go see this movie when it comes out in October. Add a link to his website here.

 Love It

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