SEVEN – Divine Call to Leadership

Divine Call to Leadership 

Source: BiteSizedTruth on EaglesWing.org – Dr. Morris Hunter 

I love the number 7 in this passage because it speaks to the divine significance of the statement.  The leaders spoken of here by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit represent a more complete and perfect group, of which we are a part:

Acts 6:3 Brothers and sisters, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom. We will turn this responsibility over to them.

The message being sent to the Church of Jesus Christ is

1) Select your leaders, choose your own men.   We the people choose our leaders.  We choose our Pastors and our Deacons and all our leaders in the Church age.  We choose of our own free will.  If our leaders our good, we selected them. If our leaders are weak, or evil, then guess what, remember, WE selected them, and we continue to keep them propped up.

2) Choose men.  This is not to exclude women from leadership, far from it because the scripture points to female leaders from the Old Covenant and into the New.  Deborah the Judge and Prophetess in Judges and Priscilla alongside here husband in the New Testament are great examples. Here though, the 7 begins with men.
Times of God move is no time for political correctness pretending there is no distinction between men and women.
God made men different from women. Physical differences alone prove that.
7 Men speaks to us that should take responsibility for a majority of the servant leadership in the body of Christ.

3) Full of both The Spirit and Wisdom.  The qualifications for God’s men of leadership must begin with men being FULL.

Full of the Spirit and full of wisdom, serving the body and taking responsibility is not sufficient when the leaders lack a spiritual anointing for leadership and / or lack a rounded, full complement of the the Wisdom of God.  Not simple worldly knowledge or intelligence but the Wisdom that comes only from thinking like the Creator. Meditating in the thoughts of the Most High God daily so His thoughts take over and supersede our own thoughts.

Χάρις καὶ εἰρήνη,
Dr. Morris Hunter

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