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BiteByte Revelation


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The Holy Spirit shared with me this concept of the Bite and the BiteByte which I’ll share a little bite of with you now.

Consider for a moment that the BITE is the BITE is one of God’s original Inventions!.  Selah

If you’re stuck in Atheistic or Agnostic beliefs like I was you probably just assume that “Biting” and all that goes with it just came about somehow, very fortunately but sheer chance and luck in evolution. More likely you’ve probably never even thought about much at all since that is part of the pseudo-science of today where just assume a sort of “evolutionary magic” takes care of these things instead of a Intelligent and Powerful Creator.

Imagine that luckily a creature evolved and had a set of teeth.
This had to happen without any planning behind it, and it also luckily had behind the teeth the organs and system behind it to take in the “Bites” of food from the teeth. So that particular “mutation” luckily had teeth to bite and lets say a tongue (another marvel) and saliva and digestive tubing and digestive chemicals and a stomach etc. etc.

Whew! What luck!
If the lucky mutation of an animal didn’t have all that then how would that lucky mutation of a creature ever have survived so it could produce the “survival of the fittest”?

No my friend, the Bite is not a result of luck or chance any more than the reproductive system or anything else in the creation of life.

The “Bite” is God’s creation.

To rephrase that, THE Bite, the idea of a bite, the concept of a bite as well as the mechanism and implementation of a bite is all an original patent of the Creator.  Selah