Love our enemy word play

AHB (ahav, he loved, spelled alef,heh,bet) AYB (ayav, make an enemy, spelled alef,yud,bet) –

only difference between love and enemy in Hebrew is the heh and yud, which incidentally are YH, a spelling of God’s name.

When Yeshua commanded us to “love our enemy” he was using a Hebrew word play

A Yud is equivalent to 10, number of the ‘law’; whereas a Heh, = 5, speaks of ‘grace’ – a yud is originally a picture of a ‘hand’ and a heh is a picture of a ‘window’ (allows “spirit/breath” through) –

another correlation being between “striking the rock” with a rod in his ‘Y’ a scriptural picture of Yeshua being struck for our sin, becoming the ‘enemy’ on our behalf and (supposed to) speak (breath ‘H’) to the rock…

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