Student of Yeshua – Hebrew

Looking at what making a student of Yeshua looks like:

In looking at both the root LMD (learn/teach)
and TLMYD n(student/disciple), it’s interesting to note from the original letter/pictures what each word connotes:

  • Lamed – oxgoad, i.e. what the HS does with us
    Mem – water, Father (1Jn 5:6,7 etc.)
    Dalet – door, Son, Yeshua says I am the door

What the Verb/root (Word) produces, is a TLMYD

  • Tav – sign/mark
    Lamed – HS
    Mem – Father
    Yud – hand
    Dalet – Son

Or in other words, going by the letters,
The Verb (HS,F,S) produces one who has the mark of the HS and the Father by the hand of the Son

Matt Linville

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