War Room Review

Just watched the movie, I have lived the spiritual experience, I understand it. It is a wonderful movie. Although it looks like it is a family relationship drama, it is really about the spiritual fight against evil, and we know it is everywhere. If you have ongoing issues, think it is not you nor bad luck, it is the empty space that it only can be filled with the grace of God or evil, and the last one is very sneaky. If you wonder why the world is the way it is, it is because there is no one with superior power fighting for us….we just have to ask from the heart. the more the merrier. Thank you Morris E. Hunter, you are always on the money. I will work on my bites.

I have to observe tho, that in that movie there is a lot of White and African American people, but the do not show the huge amount of other Christians, like Hispanics, Asians and so on. No wonder why many of the called themselves Christians (Sarah Palin among them…which I think is a curse) are really ethnophobic or xenophobic. Christiansshould have critical thinking and do not believe all what their church leaders sometimes say…they are humans and they are brainwashed as well. JESUS WAS A SOCIALIST by the way…if you read the Bible there is nothing alike to a Capitalist society….in fact He condemned the lure for money and power.

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