Was America founded as a Christian Nation?

Mayflower Compact (1620)
Was America founded
as a Christian Nation?

In BiteSizedTruth fashion, let me first cut to the chase on this question that has become in recent times a “controversial” question to even ask.   Because this is BST I’m going to start by giving the answer to answer, then you can read as much of the rest of this series as you desire or do not desire.


The answer quite simply depends simply on 2 things:

  1. How you define a “Christian Nation”
  2. Who you ask the question.


Primarily, do you define “Christian Nation” as officially by the agreement of law a Nation declaring itself committed to a particular religion?  In that case the answer was always “NO”.  

The overall agreement of the founders clearly wanted no “official religion” to be declared and more importantly no particular religion to be enforced as official religion of the new country.  In fact they were fleeing from such a government with an official “state religion” even though they themselves were FAR from secular as a society or group.

If on the other hand if you by “Christian Nation” you mean that
A) Most of the people of the country believed in a particular religions AND

B) The laws and culture of the country was based on a particular predominant religion adopted by most of the society

Then the answer is absolutely, unquestionably, YES, America was in culture and in foundation-building-values a Christian Nation.


The 2nd thing to remember is the answer to this question will always depend on WHO you ask.
The answer will almost always reflect the “spin” they/we choose to put on it based on our own bias.  Even the historical quotes will be “cherry picked” based on the point of view they/we wish to present.


Read more of this growing series to study some of our own “cherry picked” part of the United States history.  At least this stuff is quite directly quoted and in solid context of the historical setting AND you will be reading it for yourself.
You can then go back to  finding your favorite Christian/Atheist sources and get those “cherry’s” but remember the BST answer above:
1) How do they define “Christian Nation”
2) Who is answering the question.

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