Conversation Snippet: Evolution NOT about the origin of life


Conversation Snippet (from one of my many conversations / debates with Random Evolutionists) 

Most people that say they “believe in Evolution”, i.e. the common man often speak of it as an answer to the origin of life.  They fail to understand even the very belief system they are believing in because they don’t grasp that evolution is NOT an explanation of the origin of life at all.

Evolution depends first on the existence of the cell, DNA and all it’s replicating chemistry before it can even HOPE to get started (and still has MANY intellectual hurdles to overcome even assuming a start from preexisting simple life).

At any rate, anyone that really understands the theory of Evolution knows that it is not an explanation for the origin of life, because it depends on the existence of life to begin with therefore this book is addressing a question that Darwinian Evolution does not even address, the origin of the chemical programming and information that is the basis of physical life.



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